Friday, October 28, 2011

Ch. 2 Quiz

The results of the 2.1 - 2.3 quiz were very disappointing across the board. Please remember to complete your action plan of how you are going to reach mastery and return it signed by a parent as soon as possible. By not completing an action plan, the message you are sending me is that you don't care about correcting your mistakes and making improvements going forward.

Looking ahead, the chapter 2 test will be next week. Obviously, the content covered on the quiz will reappear on the test, so you have even more incentive to learn from your mistakes and make sure you've mastered the material. Also on the test will be new material from the second half of the chapter. You MUST complete Units #5-9 in Carnegie in order for your test grade to appear in Zangle.

I will be after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. Please come by or sign a travel pass for FLEX if you need additional help.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We can do better

Of the 70 students in my 2 geometry classes, only 11 took the time to retake the Ch. 1 Test. Of those 11, 9 improved their score. I've tried to stress how important the material we covered in Ch. 1 was to being successful in the course, and regardless of what people say, it's a person's actions that count.

Already in Ch. 2 I'm seeing a pattern of negative behavior. Many students were unable to complete a 10 question quiz in the roughly 40 minutes allotted. That doesn't mean the quiz was too long or difficult, it means that people have not yet mastered the content. I could give you days to finish a quiz, but if you don't know the material, extra time is not going to help. We need to be better at being proactive and asking for help BEFORE a quiz or a test, not relying on retakes after the fact.

As a heads up, there will be a Ch. 2 Test right after election day (a week and a half away). Don't wait too long to come see me for help.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ch. 1 Results

So, the Ch. 1 test was disappointing across the board. Please be sure to see me for extra help. Don't be concerned with the deadline of this week to take the retake. As I'll tell whoever I see at P-T Conferences tomorrow, I care more about seeing you work to overcome your mistakes than I care about deadlines.

Ch. 2 is about the basics of reasoning and proof. It might seem simple, but it's important to understanding everything else we're going to do so take it seriously.

There will be another HW Quiz on Friday covering the measurement stuff we've been talking about.

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