Friday, October 21, 2011

We can do better

Of the 70 students in my 2 geometry classes, only 11 took the time to retake the Ch. 1 Test. Of those 11, 9 improved their score. I've tried to stress how important the material we covered in Ch. 1 was to being successful in the course, and regardless of what people say, it's a person's actions that count.

Already in Ch. 2 I'm seeing a pattern of negative behavior. Many students were unable to complete a 10 question quiz in the roughly 40 minutes allotted. That doesn't mean the quiz was too long or difficult, it means that people have not yet mastered the content. I could give you days to finish a quiz, but if you don't know the material, extra time is not going to help. We need to be better at being proactive and asking for help BEFORE a quiz or a test, not relying on retakes after the fact.

As a heads up, there will be a Ch. 2 Test right after election day (a week and a half away). Don't wait too long to come see me for help.

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