Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ch. 9 Results & Moving Forward

The class split into two distinct groups on the Ch. 9 (Trig) test - those that can and those that can't. And the split has very little to do with natural ability, it's simply a measure of how much effort people are putting in. Those that continue to talk during class, goof off when working in groups, and never ask for help are getting Ds and Es. Everyone else is doing just fine.

Reassessments on Ch. 9 are due by Monday, March 5th. You must provide evidence of your progress if you hope to take a reassessment quiz (show me that you're not wasting my time).

Ch. 6 is about polygons in general and quadrilaterals in particular. The material isn't any harder or easier than anything we've encountered so far this year. If you choose to pay attention, take detailed notes, ask questions and challenge yourself, you'll do just fine. If not, you're going to quickly find yourself in a hole that becomes too deep to dig out of before June.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chapter 4 Recap

I'm actually pretty pleased with how the new grading system is working for those students who are willing to take it seriously. As with Chapter 3, there will be a chance to demonstrate progress toward mastery on the Ch 4 Standards after break and before the final exam. You will also see those standards again on the final exam, and the main goal is to demonstrate proficiency on most of the standards by the end of the semester. The path you take to get there is less important, as long as you can do what I ask of you before the class ends.

After break we'll still be looking at triangles, but specifically right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem. Supposedly, you all saw the P.T. in Algebra last year, but this is the #1 topic to get out of Geometry so we'll be covering it in greater depth for the next couple of weeks.

Start thinking about the final exam and what material you've struggled with over the past 4 months so you can finish strong with a solid performance on the final.

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